If you’d like to hire a stilt walker, here are the characters that we offer.

Each of the characters works equally well as a roaming act to entertain over a large area, or as a static installation to welcome people to an event or to draw crowds to a particular place. All of our acts come with their own comedy banter and music played via our discreet but effective portable sound system. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The Sergeant Majors

Book now, and that's an order!

Book now, and that’s an order!

ATTEEENTION! Introducing Major Lookup and General Goodlength, the tallest soldiers in the entire world. Standing 10 feet tall, The Sergeant Majors are an entertaining interactive stilt act guaranteed to bring a smile to even the most regimented audience.

Great for meet and greet, walk-around entertainment, or even as part of a parade, this lofty duo will have onlookers whipped into shape in no time. Major Lookup and General Goodlength will work the crowds with their cheeky banter as they move around an event. Or posted at the entrance, they will welcome everyone in with a salute and a quick inspection.

They’re ideal for making an impact – you’ll spot them a mile off. Come a bit closer and you’ll be entertained by their funny lines and comically pompous military music.

So if you’re looking for an entertaining act that’s fun, original, and is head-and-shoulders above the rest: guess what soldier, you found it!

The Toy Soldiers

Toy SoldiersThe Toy Soldiers make a great festive alternative to the Sergeant Majors. They’re the ideal walkaround act for Christmas Fairs, Christmas Markets, or to add some seasonal cheer to shopping events. But the Toy Soldiers are not just for Christmas – we’ve found that they make a colourful addition to just about any occasion!

They come accompanied by medleys of cheesy Christmas music, but for a less-festive occasion will keep the crowds dancing with a hand-picked selection of comedy tunes.

The English Gents

English Gents Egypt

My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen, allow us to introduce the English Gents! Lord Lawrence Longbottom and Sir Stanley Standingtall are the world’s tallest toffs. These amusing aristocrats stand head-and-shoulders above the rest, so don’t forget to doff your caps as they stroll by!

This duo is an ideal addition to a gala dinner or mix and mingle event – they break the ice with a bit of humour whilst looking the bees’ knees in their formal attire.

The Chefs

The Chefs

Meet the chefs! Just like boiled eggs, these two are hard to beat. Seasoned professionals Gordon Bleu and Al Dente are a super-sized culinary delight. Onlookers will relish the opportunity to meet these giants of gastronomy as they dish out their own unique style of humour.